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Turkish sauna «Khammam»

The Turkish sauna in the Recreation centre is a place of relaxation for elegant judges of Oriental philosophy and beauty. We offer our guests the «Khamam», a genuine pearl of Turkish saunas. Khammam is a pleasant warming-up of a body, rest and recreation in a flow of aromatic steam.

Contemplation of the starry heaven in «Khammam» above the mini-swimming pool creates an inimitable atmosphere of harmony with Nature. Incumbency on a heated marble pad- is an established tradition of visiting the Turkish sauna.

Comfortable and cozy lounge helps you immerse into the atmosphere of tranquility and serenity. Qualified personnel, top level service, absolute privacy, haute cuisine are at your call. In the «Khammam» sauna the regularly maintained temperature and humidity parameters are 50 degrees and up to 100 per cent, there is also plenty of steam there.

Price for 1 hour – 10 000 tenge for 7 persons. (An order is accepted before minimum 2 hours)

The price includes shower cap, towels, slippers, complimentary green tea and honey

If you stay at our hotel, you have 20% discount for using sauna.