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Pub 24/7

The pub 24/7 is an excellent place for proper rest, the atmosphere of enthusiasm for life and for its sweets, including delicious food, and brand-name cocktails and mixing with friends. Even if you came along on your own a mug of good beer, hospitable barman and tasty food will be able to replace friends.

Best designers did a great job on the facility interior in order to make each guest feel the spirit of an American or English pub and get pleasure of immersion into the genuine Pub culture.

Each and every main Pub advantages are presented here: 1) cheerful noise, where the degree and mood easily change in accordance with guests’ mood; 2) the most friendly communication – informal, so called “open collar”; 3) delicious food, 4) excellent beer and 5) sports matches

Menu which is put together by the chef from Italy is not limited by only one culinary «nationality». And no mistake, that out of all international diversity you selected the best dishes.