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Finnish sauna

Sauna is a sainted place. It doesn’t only improve one’s physical health; it also gives a great joy. Sauna is meant for spiritual self-perfection. Our offer is the traditional Finnish sauna which is the unparallel pleasure. For the Finns sauna means a peaceful place where quarrels and bicker fests are just prohibited. «Steam disperses in anger», as the Finns claim. And dry steam is that very feature which can differentiate between the Finnish sauna and Russian and Turkish saunas. Steam refreshes a body, calms a soul down. Wood evolves good smells and intensifies the therapeutic effect of sauna on human health.

A small cozy sauna accommodates up to 6 persons. This is a perfect place for small companies and for family rest. It’s a good opportunity to add a «portion» of health and to get energized for the whole week. Tonicity of the organism increases, besides, sauna is a wonderful way for maintaining weight loss. Apart from this, guests have at their disposal a comfortable recreation room where they can watch TV, order dishes of national and European cuisine, draught beer and other beverages to their taste.

Price for 1 hour – 7 000 tenge for 7 persons and 5 persons. (An order is accepted before minimum 2 hours)

The price includes shower cap, towels, slippers, complimentary green tea and honey.

If you stay at our hotel, you have 20% discount for using sauna.