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Vip Lounge

You may take a rest of every-day worries in VIP Lounge of Hotel Complex “Amsterdam”. Here you may look beyond problems and troubles, to relax of daily frustrations and stresses. Entertainment complex «Amsterdam» offers several secluded cabins admitting up to 10 persons, these cabins differ from one another and create diverse climate and atmosphere.

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Soft lighting, super sound, satellite TV, gold fish tanks create the atmosphere of excitement. Currently, billiards has been recognized as a cultic game. It also gained common popularity all over the world and became an attribute of successful person’s style and image. Try a shot at billiard competitions and win a championship among other players!

«Silk way»

Soft covering and low comfortable sofas submerge you into fireside comfort and luxury. Dangling baldachin of light translucent fabric makes the interior of cab «Vostok» mysterious and romantic. Here in magic atmosphere of Oriental luxury and hospitality, you may fully enjoy unique communication with a good fellow.


Wonderful combination of cold violescent of elegant interior design «Violet» and warm Oriental hospitality creates unique atmosphere of coziness and picturesqueness. VIP – cabin «Violet» is ideal both for amicable meetings and new acquaintances.


If you need to meet a business partner in homelike atmosphere and conduct negotiations then cabin «Bordeauh» is ideal. Stylish cushioned furniture, strict dressing in vinous-beige tunes afford to shelter from urban noise in cottonwool surroundings but hereby supposes serious business tune to solve questions.